Business Plans – Stop Wasting Your Time!

“Failing to plan is planning to fail!” was a phrase commonly heard as far back as high school when speaking with my career counselor.  As cliche? is the statement is, most business leaders will suggest that there is a great deal of merit to it, to the extent that most business leaders either a) have started thinking about writing a business plan, b) have started writing one or c) have one tucked away on a shelf that they haven’t looked at, ever.

Business plans take too long to write, they are more of an academic process, they are impractical, they are only used to raise money when starting a business and most good business leaders don’t need one, anyway, right?  While there have been many the albatross thrown around the neck of the business plan, we hope to give you new perspective on creating a business plan and hope that you will engage in one for your business.

In this issue of “Had an Aepiphanni, Lately?” we are going to discuss the justification of the business plan, or why the heck we need one, anyway, and how you might implement one into your daily business without it becoming a burdensome exercise.  Topics we will cover include:

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eBay Is All About Planning – So Give Proper Attention to Your eBay Business Plan

Most people decide to start an online business because of its convenience. What they do not take into consideration is the fact that they will have to plan their online business as thorough as they will have planned a business which would have taken place in a brick and mortar store. Planning your business may seem quite outdated, with all those people telling you to just make an account and start making more money than you have ever thought. However, this is a necessary step, which will guarantee you that you will not invest money in something which will never give back any profit.

The first thing which you have to think about when starting an eBay business is what niche is more appropriate for you and which products will sell better. This will prevent you from getting into an unprofitable business.

After you have set your niche you will have to look for places from where to procure the merchandise you want to sell. It is important to find places where they sell quality products for very small amounts of money, so that you can make some profit out of selling them. Also, take into consideration the type of mail service you are going to use. Delivery fees can increase significantly the price of your products, so it is important to choose the cheapest, yet safe mail services available.

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How to Implement Your Business Plan

Article 3 of 3 – Implementing Your Small Business Plan Your Plan Becomes a Reality

This is the 3rd article of our Business Planning series. I am assuming you have completed your plan and we are now ready to actually start using it. The most important thing about planning for any type of business, is having the ability to implement that plan into real goals that are achievable; daily, weekly and monthly. A big fat 60 page plan that is filed and forgotten is ridiculously useless. I never plan ahead further than a year. Business changes constantly as will the direction of where you are aiming to take your business. To allow yourself to be flexible as an entrepreneur, don’t plan too far ahead. Too much planning ahead can also lead to you becoming overwhelmed at the thought of trying to achieve so much. Keep it short and precise and achievable and there will be more chance that you will actually achieve it.

Ok, so now you have that plan we need to look at how to implement it.

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